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The Power of Actionable Intelligence

 Maximize your investment in data centers and associated technology

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What do you want to do with a Data Center?

Fiercely proud of our independence and reputation as industry thought leaders when it comes to data centers, so we are often called upon to provide unbiased, clear advice to investors, data center operators, CIO’s, equipment manufacturers and many others

From what to build, where to build and even whether to build, we can give you the level of support you need to make the right decision in today's complex and rapidly commoditizing market. We can also confirm whether the design you have is the one suitable for your location and your needs, and whether it will produce the required return on investment over its lifetime.
We can tap into the vast stream of information pouring out of your data center, and using the latest Big Data tools, produce Actionable Intelligence allowing you to spot problems and head off capacity bottlenecks long before they impact your business. Our patented software allocates cost dynamically on an Activity Based Costing basis enabling you to make more informed decisions.
We can provide an investment grade level of independent technical and financial due dliigence whether you are looking to acquire data center assets, invest in them, or dispose of them. We reveal where the issues and opportunities are within an asset or portfolio of assets.

How we’re helping businesses like yours

Our years of experience and expertise mean that we can help you make your data center assets as efficient as they can be

<12 month ROI
$22 million saved for customers
data centers modeled
$800 million
investment justified
98% accuracy
of modeling 'out of the box'


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Head of Engineering

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