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Romonet Blog

Romonet Calls For Industry to “Model It First” at DCD Internet Conference

Data Driven Decision Making Is The Future Of The Data Center Industry, Says CEO

The Devil is in the Data

Big Data, especially done badly, is an almost amorphous series of brain numbing and snow blindness creating stream of numbers. What do you need to find your devils?

Tidal barrages – a price worth paying for clean energy?

It's clean and its reliable but it certainly isn't cheap.

Making finance lead the way
Tidal energy – the future for renewables?

Could tidal energy be the renewable source that we are waiting for?

Why Everyone In Business Should Learn a Language

If you aren’t going to speak someone's language then how do you know you can communicate what you want? 

In at the deep end – my start in the datacenter industry

What it feels like to be 'new to the industry'

Data centers are NOT the cloud

Our CEO writes about how data center investors should not assume that if they have a DC they suddenly deserve cloud provider valuations.

How to protect your data center against a ‘Power Attack’

Some simple steps to protect you against this new threat.

Data center myths: it's not real estate
Our CEO writes how the data centre market has conventionally been viewed in much in the same way as the property market, yet the two couldn’t be more different.  ..
Our CTO is immortalised on DCD Magazine cover

Our CTO is shown just behind Dan Scarbrough of this month's DatacenterDynamics magazine.