2014 - Another year of thought leadership

The topics we covered and the debates we started.

How ‘Man drops iPhone’ became the most reported story in the world

An iPhone falls to the pavement and the world's media covers it - what lessons can we learn in marketing from this?

The perils of losing your gut (instinct)

The coming internet of things will throw up some interesting problems.

Build, build, build - anywhere but the UK

Why is the UK missing out on the mega data center builds?

Before the iWatch - being a smartwatch pioneer

The recent announcement of Apple's smartwatch means that this market segment is here to stay. Our VP of Sales writes about his experiences of being a smartwatch pioneer.

Empty shelves, full data centers

As more and more of our possessions vaporize in the cloud, will we feel the same about our IT assets?

ETSI – KPIs for DCs – a metric only a committee could love?

Is the new metric from ETSI worth using?

Why I nearly regretted doing a PhD

Warning! - Read this before embarking on a PhD

Can you have a luxury data center brand?

Can the DC industry follow the example of the Swiss watchmakers to survive?

What about existing capacity?

Some surprising facts about your existing data center assets.