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Romonet Blog

Female Software Developer Rock On!!

Is it a man's world when it comes to being a software developer?

Romo Sapiens or The Evolution of a Marketing Message

How do you create an arresting image that clearly shows your product's strength?

From the signpost to the map to the GPS

From 'turn left at the big tree' to a continually updating Global Positioning System and how this overlays on to managing data centers.

Romonet signs another global data centre provider

Announcing a major deal with another Top 5 data centre provider.

Don’t Dive In: Knowing the Costs of the Cloud
Our CEO writes 'Before moving services to the cloud, or indeed before embarking on any major IT project, an organisation needs to understand its in-house costs.' ..
Catching the Eye: Trying to make data more visual

How to present information without blinding the user with data.

Our CEO's view on Microsoft splashing $10bn on Azure data centres

In a news piece on Microsoft's massive investment in Azure data centers, our CEO stresses the importance of having actionable intelligence that will support data driven decision making in the data centre. 

We're looking for a Japanese speaking intern!

Since we were awarded our patent in Japan for our software, we've seen a surge in interest from Japan. To help us as we grow, we're looking for a Japanese-speaking intern.

Romonet Calls For Industry to “Model It First” at DCD Internet Conference

Data Driven Decision Making Is The Future Of The Data Center Industry, Says CEO

The Devil is in the Data

Big Data, especially done badly, is an almost amorphous series of brain numbing and snow blindness creating stream of numbers. What do you need to find your devils?

The Holy Grail of datacentre TCO: understanding the cost of delivering a service

Our CEO, Zahl Limbuwala, has an article published in DCS Europe where he talks about how The Holy Grail of Datacentre TCO is in sight.

Tidal barrages – a price worth paying for clean energy?

It's clean and its reliable but it certainly isn't cheap.