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Mining the Future

What Minecraft could teach us about educating future generations

Our CEO quoted in response to UK Budget

Our CEO was quoted in articles responding to the UK Budget announcement

Romonet partners with Vapor IO

Companies join forces to provide holistic and complete view of data center performance.

Romonet combines power of Big Data with Predictive Modeling

Romonet today announced the latest release of Romonet Portal, its advanced data center analytics service, along with a range of new and updated products to cover the needs of those involved in running or looking to invest in data centers.

Our CEO writes in The Data Center Journal
Our CEO,  Zahl Limbuwala, writes in today's DC Journal on 'Predict, Then Measure: Simple Rules for Data Center Success'.  ..
How ‘Man drops iPhone’ became the most reported story in the world

An iPhone falls to the pavement and the world's media covers it - what lessons can we learn in marketing from this?

The perils of losing your gut (instinct)

The coming internet of things will throw up some interesting problems.

Build, build, build - anywhere but the UK

Why is the UK missing out on the mega data center builds?

Is Colo going the way of the shopping mall?
Yevgeny Sverdlik of DCK also picks up on Zahl's open letter causing him to ask 'Is Colo Going the Way of the Shopping Mall?' ..
Is the writing on the wall for colos?
Our CEO's 'open letter' to data center investors provokes an article by Peter Judge of DCD Focus magazine who asks 'Is the writing on the wall for colos?' ..
An ‘open letter’ to data center investors

I've had too many people ask me to publish this over the past 9 months to not finally take action.

Tips for the future of the data center
In an article authored by our CEO he outlines tips for the future of the data center.  ..