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ETSI – KPIs for DCs – a metric only a committee could love?

Is the new metric from ETSI worth using?

Can you have a luxury data center brand?

Can the DC industry follow the example of the Swiss watchmakers to survive?

What about existing capacity?

Some surprising facts about your existing data center assets.

Matching capacity to requirements

Should your IT assets be in the cloud, a Tier IV facility or in a city center colo?

In the future, will everything be modular?

Will a modular build keep your costs as low as they can be?

Is the data center industry heading for a quartz crisis?

What happened to the Swiss watchmaking industry in the 1970s may have lessons for today's DC business landscape.

Should I eliminate humidity control?

With the more relaxed guidelines for humidity now being adopted for data centers, are humidity controls no longer a necessity?

How the collapse in cloud prices could make your business extinct

In this new business environment, evolve or die.

Making sure Operations don’t feel they’re the target

PUE targets could end up being counterproductive if you don't follow our advice.

DCeP - one metric to rule them all?

Is this efficiency metric the way forward?