Sustainability is back on the agenda

Sustainability, green data centers and Romonet's CEO's latest views on the sector.

 Are Your Data Center Efficiency Projects Actually Delivering Savings?

Discover just what's possible with analytics in our latest article in Data Informed.

How we Became a Data Center Knowledge Startup to Watch

Earlier this year Data Center Knowledge named us as a 2016 Startup to Watch. The editorial team chose a selection of companies addressing some of the most significant hanllenges facing data center managers and executives today. 

To PUE or not to PUE? Is that the question?

I'm not writing this to re-open (did it ever close?!) the debate about PUE. I'm here to talk about how those of you who use it today to track your data center performance can greatly improve its value to you and your business.

Getting to the True Data Center Cost

The essential questions every data center manager should be asking themselves and their team every day if they aren’t already can be distilled down to a single ever-relevant question: How much does it cost to run an application?

The benefits of adopting a "what if...?" approach to datacentre management

In this guest post, our CEO explains why IT departments should be employing a more philosophical approach when solving business issues.

Practice what you preach
Horror In The Data Center - A Tale For Halloween

When data centers go bad...

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