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Google puts us on the map

The search giant's recently published research on their data centers highlights how far we are ahead of the rest of the market.

The Meter That Went Backward & Other Horror Stories

Just because you have meters in your DC, don't assume they are correct...

I've cost optimized my data center!

Pinocchio's Lie No.1 - I've cost optimized my data center - Read Liam's latest whitepaper

'Big data' is not necessarily better data

If I add more measurement points in my DC, I'll know more, won't I?

Spreadsheets- Blessing or Curse?

Relying on complex spreadsheets to make decisions in your DC business? The level of possible errors may surprise you...

The ‘Software Defined Data Center’

The growing demand for ‘on demand’ services that both exist and that I pay for ‘only when and while’ I need them, will drive us to build the data center of the future as essentially one big computer operated as a system, with…guess what…an operating system.

Predictive modeling: better than a crystal ball?

Predicting the future is not easy, some would say impossible, but reduce your time window and the number of variables, and accurate predictions with higher and higher degree of confidence becomes possible.

The cost of bad data is the illusion of knowledge

The days of running data centers using a combination of myth and superstition are gone. Monitoring, metering and instrumentation has arrived in the data center in force but the real question is what more has this stream of data told you?

I'll bet you a FVER

FVER - Fixed to Variable Energy Ratio, a simple PUE like metric that can be used to measure the wasted energy in the data center, including software, IT and the facility itself.

PUE Harmonized

After almost 18 months of international negotiation the world now has an internationally harmonized method of calculating PUE. Really? I hear you say....