Board of Directors

The knowledge and experience behind Romonet

With an impressive pedigree in the data center and ICT arena, our board has developed a deep understanding of the issues faced at all levels, along with expertise in a range of data center specialist areas.

Board of Directors

Zahl Limbuwala - Chief Executive Officer 

Zahl is a co-founder of Romonet and passionate about the data center and ICT industry. Starting his career as a chartered electrical engineer, he then moved into IT systems engineering, network engineering and later software development. Zahl is a chartered Engineer, chartered IT professional and Fellow of the BCS. Zahl has 20 years experience in companies such as Digital Island, Real Networks, Cable & Wireless as well many engineering firms writing control and automation software for production line automation and robotics.

As the founding Chairman of the BCS Data Centre Specialist Group, former Chairman of the judging panel for DataCenterDynamics Annual Awards, consultant to the EU Code of Conduct for data centers, and regular keynote speaker at industry events around the world, Zahl enjoys widespread international recognition within the data center community.

Zahl is a non-executive director at BCS Learning & Development Ltd and a member of the DPAC Oversight Committee overseeing the work on ESA's GAIA programme on behalf of the UK Space Agency.

Liam Newcombe - Chief Technical Officer

Liam is a co-founder of Romonet and is recognised as a thought leader in the data center arena, Liam readily challenges convention to stimulate debate and collaboration to drive innovation. Liam has been the leading industry contributor to the European Commission’s European Code of Conduct for Data Centers (launched 19th Nov 2008), and used to chair the Best Practice Working Group.

Liam is well known and respected for his highly technical white-papers many of which have captivated our industry. Able to challenge almost any level of expertise across a broad range of topics covering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, IT systems engineering, software engineering, modeling and applied mathematics.

In 2011 Liam won the prestigious DatacenterDynamics 'Outstanding Contribution to the Industry' Award for his tireless work on the Code of Conduct for Data Centers, he was the first non-American to win this award.

James Hammond - Chief Finance Officer

James brings over 30 years of business management experience spanning a diverse set of industry sectors from international shipping and transport through to the construction industry. His expertise lies in prudent planning advice to businesses intent on building core strength through careful financial management.

Focusing on cross-border and multi-disciplinary financial issues for companies doing business in an international environment, he has advised businesses ranging from small startups through to large multi-national enterprises.

Sean Newcombe - Chief Commercial Officer

The predominant themes throughout Sean's career to date have been innovation within the telecoms sector with companies such as STC and Nortel. Sean's name is on a number of patents and Design Council Awards from that period.

After many years of subsequent consulting experience at Arthur D. Little and Cambridge Consultants, Sean now leads Romonet's consulting practice as well as getting directly involved in program management and guidance with some of our larger clients.

  Mike Fister - Director

Mike brings over 30 years of executive management experience in leading technology companies and is currently involved in several new ventures. In August 2011, he was appointed as Chief Executive Officer and board member of Enecsys, an innovative solar micro-inverter company operating in both the UK and Silicon Valley. Previously, Mike spent five years as the CEO of Cadence Design Systems Inc, where he and his team drove a revolutionary approach to EDA.

Prior to that, Mike spent over 20 years at Intel Corporation, managing many of the company’s microprocessor developments, associated chipsets, software developments and several vertical categories, most notably Intel's penetration into the server market. Mike also sits on the board of Synapsense Corporation.

Adviser to the Board of Directors
Tony Walker - Head of Legal Affairs

Formerly a commercial lawyer in private practice for over 25 years, Tony heads Romonet's Legal Advisory function. He has provided in-house legal advice to companies in the fields of engineering, data storage, construction, and the marine industry.

Tony regularly speaks on contemporary legal and commercial issues and advises in peer-to-peer networks. His ability to bring sound, workable solutions to commercial problems empowers businesses and helps them achieve their objectives.